Thursday, July 19, 2012

What If Abortion Ended?

As we continued to keep an end to abortion in our prayers, we also continued to correspond with Randy & Kelsey Bohlender.  Part of their testimony is that the Lord challenged them to be a part of the solution for the problem that would exist IF all of the babies planned for abortion were to live......"If you are pro-life, then you have to be pro-adoption."  This point REALLY resounded within our spirits as a word of wisdom and truth. But it was a challenging truth to embrace, because it forced us to think differently about our feelings toward adoption.  

After all, in our salvation which is by grace through faith, Derek and I have tended to take for granted the fact that we are adopted into God's family.  We were confronted with the necessity of turning around and exhibiting that same Spirit of adoption to the world.  While trying to gain a deeper understanding of the Spirit of adoption that is spoken of in Romans 8:15, we have come to realize that we were thinking of the spirit of adoption as an “it.”  But the “Spirit” spoken of in that passage has a capital “S” in the vast majority of translations.  It refers to the Holy Spirit… i.e. God Himself.  So when we speak of the Spirit of adoption, we’re actually not just saying that there’s a spirit or essence of our being that has a mindset of adoption, but we’re specifying an aspect of our God that longs for adoption with such fervor that He refers to Himself in His own Book as the “Spirit of adoption” that we have received.  What revelation follows this?  We need to work to have this Spirit of adoption alive within us in a manifest way, such that we embrace Him, pray for the release of Him, advertise Him, and propose Him as an alternative to the mass murdering of millions of babies who have no voice.

Hmmmmmmm... we thought on that for a while.  And then we thought and prayed. And then we meditated a little bit.  We may have even pondered.  Rumination was definitely occurring.  Hmmmmmmm.  This revelation was huge for us.  And so, we began to wonder what part we would play in the adoption movement.  At the time, we were “DINKs” (Dual Income No Kids).  Josiah, our firstborn, was still a dream in our hearts.  We figured someday we would consider adoption for ourselves, but at that time we decided we would support others who were adopting.  So, for a few years, we have tried to support a few couples with their adoptions, but the Spirit of adoption has risen up inside of us, and the Lord is now leading us to do more.

In the next post, we will talk about having Josiah followed by our 2 year journey of infertility during which the Lord moved on our hearts to “do more.”  See how the story unfolds. God is so merciful.

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